Team Member Roles

Each team is limited to 80 consumers and is serviced by 12-15 highly trained staff. The minimum requirements of all staff is one year experience working with the severely mentally ill adult population.

The team works together on a daily basis to bring the needed services to clients in their setting. Not all clients need the same type of services. Where one may need to deal with substance abuse issues and another how to wash clothes, this team works together to find the specific needs the client has and works together to meet those needs. Often times the client will present with intense crisis and the team works together with the patient to solve the problems.

Whether they are managing medications, assisting in getting housing, making sure that there is food in the house or managing their daily living skills the services rendered vary from day to day. What truly makes this program effective is the amount and frequency of time each patient receives from various members of the team.

Program Director

The program director oversees all daily operations of ICT teams with regards to client care, adherence to state regulatory regulations, and overall team operations.

Program Assistant

Integral to the overall success of the team, the program assistant works closely with the Program Director in a support capacity. The program assistant coordinates client care issues with the ICT team members and coordinates crisis management between team members and clients.


The Doctor of the team is a board certified psychiatrist who evaluates all consumers wanting entrance into the program, works with nursing staff for medication management of all consumers and oversees all clinical work of the team.

Psychiatric Nurse

The RN is a registered nurse who works directly with the psychiatrist with regards to all medication and medical issues. The RN conducts all nursing assessments and coordinates with area hospitals when patients are admitted for treatment.


As support to the RN and Psychiatrist, the LPN works directly with patients with regards to their medication management, health issues and coordination of medical care in the community.

Team Leader

Usually a licensed professional the team leader works with the program director in leading the daily operations and patient care coordination with regards to staff and patients. The team leader also works closely with the psychiatrist to coordinate the clinical services received by consumers.

The remaining members of the team function together, working to meet various specific needs the clients will have:


Works on clinical issues, therapeutic goals and treatment plans with patients.

Community Support Personnel

Works with patient to connect them with community agencies
the consumer can access. Also the CSP assists patients in establishing more effective daily living skills and involvement into the community.

Vocational Specialist

This member of the team assists patients with vocational needs and investigating the possibility of being able to work or realize educational goals.

Substance Abuse Specialist: Many of the consumers of these types of services experience substance abuse issues. This team member works directly with those patients who need extra support in obtaining sobriety.

Peer Specialist

One of the most valuable and powerful members of the team, the peer specialist is able to relate to the patients at the peer level and work with them to obtain stability.